Free chatting with milf - Xbmc not updating tv shows

Syncing your watched statuses is a great way to keep your history in sync.

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It also helps us cover server costs to keep everything up an running.

hi guys, everything set up good I've been using xbmc since the original xbox days, however I just set it up on a Pi 3 and all good except no new tv shows are added.

Let’s say you have Kodi installed at home, and Infuse on your i OS device.

You can start watching something in Kodi, pause it after 10 minutes, then resume playing at the same position in Infuse on your mobile device!

The Kodi plugin runs in the background of the Kodi media center and automatically scrobbles what you’re watching back to

The plugin also supports 2 way sync to keep your watched history and collection in sync with and your other connected devices.

If you want to re-connect to a different account, choose the How do I authorize… You shouldn’t need to adjust anything else on this tab.

If you’d like to ignore items from being scrobbled to, you can do that in this tab.

It integrates with media centers to enable scrobbling, so everything is automatic.

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