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Except for the Skype application, all usability and functionality factors were identified to contribute significantly to select the SNS application.

Whats App (total weighted average = 4.13/5.0) is the application which dominates the other applications from the usability and functionality perspectives.

The cybercriminals demand a ransom, threatening to release the footage online for everyone to see if their demands are not met.

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Tony Neate, CEO of Get Safe Online, told : “This type of practice is known as a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) or ratting which, put simply, is a virus that allows someone to invisibly access your computer and take control of it, most commonly to access and control your webcam.“Although RATs are becoming increasingly common there are ways that you can prevent it from happening to you.“Because it’s all happening invisibly, this is one of the instances where it pays to indulge your paranoid side.“The first and foremost way to protect yourself is to simply cover up the camera – giving the cyber criminals nothing to see.”CERT NZ recommends taking your computer to an IT specialist to check for malware.

Although it can be tempting, those threatened by these types of scam should not pay the ransom.“Do not pay the ransom,” CERT NZ cautions.“It can be tempting to pay money to make the problem go away.

According to research by New Zealand security firm CERT NZ, there has been a spike in the number of people secretly filmed by their own webcam while viewing adult material online.

Hackers seize control of the webcam remotely – recording potentially embarrassing footage of the victim watching adult content online.

The study conducted by the security firm revealed some of the risks when watching pornography online.

According to data from the London-based company, almost a quarter of malware on mobile devices originates from xxx-rated video websites.Jackson will reprise his role as the spectacularly named NSA Agent Augustus Eugene Gibbons: Wow.If this film has a PR team on staff, he’s making their jobs pretty easy for them.Netsafe has reported incidents of another version of this scam, which sees hackers set up an online profile with an attractive profile picture.This could be on social media sites, or on an online dating app.Even though Facebook in the most downloaded and mostly used application, our findings provides that the performance of the application in terms of usability and functionality is not satisfactory.

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