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I am curious as to how many people on this dating site use the psychological mind game of "Intermitten Reinforcement" to keep someone interested while they play elsewhere.

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It's a game, nothing more and some idiotic gurus tell them to play it. Sadly, if that's all they're after, it works on some women...usually ones with deep-seated self esteem issues, or young women (barely out of their teens). I have never heard of this game playing, this poor excuse for getting women!!!! Women like myself who come out of long marriages and new to the dating game are not aware of this mind game.

Most women would have walked after the first couple of times they did it. Personally, I'm just not into kiddie games..that's what these are...mental kiddie games! My initial reaction was to play it back as I really think the man needed an ego boast. I am mad as hell And how come none of the men have made any valuable comments yet!!!!! Not sure tho if we will get many men to comment because they are the ones mostly playing this game. I have dated two women who I can say without a doubt had me on this type of reinforcement schedule.

I don't expect someone to come right out and confess and give themselves away, however, I would like to see this topic discussed.

We all talk about Players but do we really understand what that means.

It is a term I learned recently after I was played as I couldn't understand why I was acting like such an idiot over some guy (on P. F.) who seemed to want me one time and the next not interested, and then again interested. After reading articles about this, I learned that this is as addicting as Cocaine to the victim which explained my behaviour for putting up with it.

You also experience withdrawal symptoms when you break all contact ,which I did and started a new profile.

This is the nature of training, and it is done by good spouses and bad, good parents and bad, all good trainers, and also by some real creeps. The technique in itself is not bad, the misuse of it is.

Most people don't go abusing these techniques, or needlessly manipulating the people they love.

In any case, try to remember that "it's not real, til it's real life", no matter how "real" things can seem online.

There is a man who calls himself "doc love" on askmen, an online men's magazine, who promotes this kind of game playing in order to keep women interested.

You just sit and time it and calculate the "opponent’s” virtuosity. The idea is to train the subject to wait longer and longer for the reinforcement or treat.

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