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” and put together some of the best answers that explain what makes the CEO job so challenging.

"CEO is a thankless job, there are more scars than trophies.

Sell your vision, sell your product, sell your business to investors/acquirer if necessary.

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But it's extremely difficult to carry out in practice, no? "But we must learn to feel that our time on this planet is limited and come to terms with it.

If we do, we will lead happy and more meaningful lives, not trapped by the problems in this world. Whether you're born a prince or a pauper, we all have to die." Dr Troyer continues: "What most people need is a reason or a little bit of encouragement to know that it is not weird or macabre to have these discussions.

You must motivate yourself, your employees and partners no matter the financial obstacles and ensure the integrity of the business.

Praise must always be distributed for great work and you personally accept all errors in strategy, judgment or performance." — Christopher Justice"There are always a million things you can be doing as a CEO, and so a lot of my time has been spent ..

With all the startups that have popped up in recent years, CEOs have become as common a sight in Silicon Valley as the Teslas cruising along every street.

But while CEOs are a dime a dozen, a good CEO is a rare breed.

Ironically, death is thrust in our faces almost every day – we hear about it on the news, we see it regularly in the movies or read about it in crime thrillers. Eight in 10 of the people surveyed by Dying Matters said people in Britain are uncomfortable talking about dying and death. "In the late 19th century, the standard of life used to be much lower and people died much earlier.

But when it comes to the 'everydayness' of death, most of us would rather run a mile than confront the topic. The time people had on this planet was very limited – the average life expectancy was around 48 [by 1901].

Aside from setting the strategy and future vision of the company, CEOs must do a lot of different things well in order to build a long-lasting business.

We sorted through a Quora post titled “How difficult is it to be a CEO?

The CEO should try to never be a bottleneck for decisions.

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