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Tarja has perfectly balanced the haunting music (utilizing the sound of a grand orchestra) with the powerful voice she possesses to give the listener both warmth and chills.

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leasing rights and other areas — frustrates achieving a socially desirable outcome.

To further complicate matters, organizations of all kinds try as hard as possible to blur the lines between copyrights, patents, and trademarks in their favour.

Says Tarja: Producing a dark Christmas album in the middle of the summer is a very interesting process, especially if you are doing it by the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

Significantly different from the snowy Christmas that I am used to in my home country Finland.

Sometimes, the reason why a trademark is so zealously protected is because the holder wants to prevent it from entering common use as a generic term, which would cause them to lose it.

This has happened with Aspirin (once a Bayer trademark), Cellophane, and other "genericized" trademarks.However, no company has an incentive to end the thicket, since they regard their patents as leverage against others.Then there are the patent trolls who buy up patents solely to start lawsuits.Not LIKE THIS" This year, Tarja is bringing the festive season early with the release of her brand new Christmas album “from Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a dark Christmas)” on November 17. The album includes 11 Christmas classics and brings them to a never before seen level, uniquely blending Tarja“s classically trained voice with darker gothic influences.Utilizing the sound of a grand orchestra, the most successful Finnish solo artist puts a sinister spin on traditional songs like ”, reminding the listener of a dark movie score. This can be prone to What an Idiot moments on the part of the owner of the intellectual property in question, since if it's that profitable, it makes sense to license the work rather than shut it down, unless of course the artist is Doing It for the Art.

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