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Running with Monsters is the depraved, hilarious memoir of rock'n'roll and redemption by Celebrity Rehab svengali Bob Forrest. A.-underworld raconteur, Michael Albo, a book this twisted and funny hasn't been published since Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.It's that good.” —Evan Wright, author of Generation Kill “There are drunks, there are junkies, there are bad, hope-to-die, never-coming-back-dope fiends—and then there's Bob Forrest….

Running with Monsters is an electrifying chronicle of the LA rock scene of the 1980s and ’90s, the story of a man who survived and triumphed over his demons, and a controversial perspective on the rehab industry and what it really takes to beat addiction.

Bob tells his story with unflinching honesty and hard-won perspective, making this a reading experience that shocks, entertains, and ultimately inspires. “This book will f*** you up, but in the best way possible.

A walk on the wild side of Los Angeles rock, as a junkie musician-turned–celebrity rehab counselor tells the story of his recovery, while suggesting that he still has some issues.

In 12-step programs, these stories of hitting bottom and bouncing back are informally known as a “drunkalogues.” This is more of a “drugalogue,” though there was plenty of alcoholic excess in the boyhood of Forrest, who fronted cult band Thelonious Monster while sinking deeper into the abyss of his heroin addiction.

Bob Forrest and writer Michael Albo have created an instant classic.” —Jerry Stahl, author of Permanent Midnight and Happy Mutant Baby Pills "Countless memoirs have been published by rehabilitated celebrity addicts desperate to relate their toxic tales.

You can toss most of ’em on the fire after reading Running with Monsters.No matter how many times he went to rehab, sobriety just wouldn’t stick for him.Soon he saw his once-promising music career slip away entirely.Bob Forrest's back alley punk rock chronicle of self destruction and miraculous recovery raises the bar of transparency and transformation to inspiring new heights.“Survival Songs”, a meditation on the cycle of addiction and redemption that revisits his classic, no-longer available material and weds it with new works.The first does a relatively quick lookup to see if there are any eligible promotions for this ASIN or for this customer.

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