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After she broke up with the NBA star, Jennette spilled some embarrassing details about their relationship — even outing him as a bad kisser.

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And this fall, there’s no better accompaniment for that feeling of drinking warm apple cider spiked with bourbon than crushing on Holland, who, in addition to his role in . He was the best part of the short-lived political sitcom that Holland had the opportunity to shine: He plays a talented surgeon, Dr. Holland grew up in the small town of Shades Valley, outside of Birmingham, Alabama.

So let’s get to it: What’s André Holland, your new fall crush, really like? Algernon Edwards, who chafes under the idiocy of racism in the early 20th century. There’s a scene in the movie when Kevin looks at Chiron for the first time as an adult, and you can see the surprise mix with desire in his eyes. His dad was a salesman and his mother worked at the local steel mill. And he says that he would have become a lawyer if he hadn’t become an actor. Well, it might be because he won’t just take any role.

"The undisputed most gorgeous being on the planet," Andre said at the time.

"I love u bb #Happy Valentines Day." Dawson, in September, shared a series of throwback photos featuring herself and Andre in the hospital together on Instagram after she recovered from an emergency surgery from a ruptured cyst on her ovary. This weekend marks a year that I had to get emergency surgery to stop internal bleeding from a ruptured cyst on my ovary.

For his work on that show we named him the best male actor on TV in 2015 — Matt Zoller Seitz called his performance “masterful,” noting how “your eye keeps gravitating toward him” just to see how he reacts. “When I look at Trevante [Rhodes, who plays grown-up Chiron], André is looking at Trevante. If you look at his résumé, you’ll notice a lot of careful choices and a desire to work with talented directors: Spike Lee on .

When I’m playing those scenes where they’re supposed to be intimate, André is finding something really sexy about Trevante,” Holland told Roger I just wanted to be me.” In these scenes, Holland plays someone who exists as both a fantasy — the eternal guy — but also someone who’s grounded, tangible, and present. “Opportunities to me are things that come along that are actually in line with what I’m looking to do, not just what the business thinks I should be doing.” That is really thoughtful! So it’s no surprise that he brings the same kind of consideration into the political realm too.

Although they didn't date for very long, they dated very publicly, leaving behind a trail of adorable tweets, Instagram photos, and Vine videos.

While there's no guarantee that he's the ex she can't stand to look at, it seems likely. Do think it's appropriate for her to be bashing her ex on Twitter?

It was the first time I told [Eric] that I loved him (and very much not the last).

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