Who has oscar de la hoya dating

So he must be attuned to the pomp and the sway of mainstream American tastes, but he also must be able to predict who will last beyond the moment.For help, he has the tall and vigorous Mary O' Connor, 28 years at his side. Last year, she OK'd Billy Zane, and the year before that, Leo.

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We've had long conversations about history, politics and religion.

We've reclined on the sofa in his private den to discuss the role of PR in his life.

Here was a guy who could lounge by the pool all day, sipping piña coladas and screwing strumpets.

Then, one day last year, I made my first trip to The Mansion.

I even watched him pick up a girl once, but I'll get into that later.

Throughout all my reporting and all my inquiries into his past, Hef has asked for only one thing in return: that I differentiate myself from my colleagues.

Months ahead of any event, she is keeping a mental notebook: this one, yes. This year, it's sweet, young Thora Birch who receives the newcomer's welcome.

She can be spotted at his parties and his private movie screenings, even Easter Sunday morning, strolling through the grass, all green eyes and pout, as a flurry of children and Playmates scatter through the bushes in search of painted eggs, as butlers attend to the trays of toothpicked morsels, and as he, the host, sits upstairs alone, like so many times before, the only star unwilling to shine, hiding in his study, reading and writing and revising his life's work, pleased to be far from the loathsome party he has brought upon himself. Hefner founded Playboy in 1953 and has since the expanded it into a multi-million dollar empire encorporating real estate, nightclubs and the sale of sundry products.

He's let me visit him frequently, anytime I wanted.

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