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Maggie stated that Phil appeared to be so loving and candid at the start.

But things changed when they were in a committed relationship. He became irritable, critical and withdrawn when she didn't give him what he desired.

Maggie had gone out with a man named David one time.

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Just like you would not settle with a not so great friend, do not settle with a not so great dating partner.

Remind your kid that s/he should expect to have the greatest dating partner ever. 3) Talking is key: Remind your kiddo that nobody knows what they are doing all the time, particularly with relationships.

* Just kidding, those classes do not usually exist. Sometimes teens forget that they have a choice when it comes to dating.

And you are able to help your kids better understand what a healthy relationship is and how to navigate dating relationships.1) A quick, easy chat about the basics: If you are a parent, and you have a teen, I suggest you ask your kid: “Hey, what do you think makes a good dating partner? Since, I already know your kid is a smarty, I bet s/he responds with something like, “good communication, respect and doesn’t cheat! But, then, follow-up with the harder question: “Okay, now, what does that mean? Giving them real life examples of what a healthy relationship looks like helps them to know what to look for in their own dating relationships.2) A reminder: you choose your dating partner!

Maggie had been attracted by Phil's solicitous interest and attentions.

She wished to proceed slower but didn't heed her instincts.

She was experiencing anxiety and did not wish to go through another disastrous relationship.

Maggie learned how to distinguish a healthy, promising, dating relationship from one that's destined to go wrong by honestly answering questions about her potential dating partners.

Maggie was reminded of her relationship with Phil and a red flag went up.

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