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So long as you report the fraud within 30 days, you are not liable — the worst the card company can do to you is to cancel your card (but you still don’t have to pay for the charge you didn’t make.) In theory, you’re liable for up to , but almost no card issuers really charge this since it’s terrible customer service (“Sorry you were stolen from! The bank may get back to you in 60 to 90 days (during which you don’t have the money, even if it was the entire contents of your checking account.) You have to report the fraud on a paper letter, with a notarized signature, usually by certified mail.What’s more, you have to prove that the checks were authorized — the burden of proof is on you, not the bank or merchant — and you have to do it to each party from which you’re trying to reclaim money.

In many ways, it’s a lot risky to make non-cash payments in person!

When you hand your credit card to a waiter or clerk or cashier, they could easily copy the number, expiration date, and CCv2 code (the three-digit code on the back than an online site often won’t even get.) With a debit card, they have the opportunity to watch PINs being typed.

Updating Direct Deposit: Submit a completed authorization form and a voided check or other banking document as directed on the form.

Alternative to Direct Deposit: Employees that do not provide direct deposit information will receive their wages deposited on the Key2Prepaid Pay Card through Key Bank.

You can find PDF versions of your earnings statements in Employee Self-Service two days before pay day. We have created a payroll earnings statement guide to answer the most common questions about earning statements. You may not be able to open your earnings statement PDF in Employee Self-Service if your Internet browser's pop-up blocker is turned on.

Turn off the pop-up blocker or temporarily disable it by pressing and holding the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard while clicking the PDF hyperlink.

Find links to the TAL System here for tracking time and leave in Health Sciences Center programs.

Earnings statements provide detailed information about your pay, benefits, deductions, and leave accrual.

When calling the bank to have the card reactivated, I was told by the customer service representative, “since online transactions are, you know, more dangerous, we tend to notice those.” This is not an uncommon perception.

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