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It’s never too late to learn and you’re never too good for a lesson!

Payment for classes must be made at the beginning of each class.

Discounts do not apply to drop-in or class card purchases.

There only one crystal flower to go and the Platinum Princess Concert awaits.

Yucie herself takes another step closer to unraveling the mystery of Arc and the prince.

January 15 - June 2, 2018 All adult classes, not including workshops or master classes, are offered on a drop-in basis.

There is no pre-registration or registration fee required for adult classes.

Season passes are the most cost effective way to enjoy skiing and boarding all season long.

Not only do we have our traditional season passes, but this year we’ve also added Twilight and Select-a-Night season passes to give you more control over when and how you chose to ski at Swain.

If they are looking for something to do during school breaks, our Glacier Riders Camps are a perfect fit!

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