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At least 5 different men were checking her out as she approached.

Tom works for an IT security consulting company now, while I have been enjoying helping him in his career and raising our family.

We have a great life, but I worry a lot about many of our friends and neighbors.

It started a year ago, one of my best friends in the whole world, Teresa called me up, devastated, when she found out her husband has been having an affair the past two years with some woman named Alisha, a younger woman who had not only great business skills, but the desire to please anyone who might help her advancement.

It turns out her husband was able to help get her promoted twice in the past 4 years.

He motioned to his friend to buy us 2 more rounds before they came back to the table.

He said, "Okay, your sexy little friend is going to be coming back here with our drinks, so you have nothing to worry about little mama." Teresa and the cowboy went around the other side of the bar, near the restrooms and disappeared.

I could hear her throw up a little when I started to ask, "Are you okay?

" After a few minutes she said, "I think I am okay now, I'm going to get cleaned up." I announced, "Okay, let me grab some towels," as I walked in.

They kept watching us then John piped in, "Ladies, we still have time for this and more back at the ranch, care to join us? Third, if you put up any fight, we're filing charges of rape. I never want to see either of your trailer park trashed faces again." I led Teresa out to my car and drove her home.

" I took control saying, "Look assholes, this is how is going to go from here. She was a bit out of it when we got back to my place, so I undressed her down to her bra and panties and tucked her in the guest room bed.

I went to my bed, but had trouble sleeping just thinking about what assholes men could be.

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