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The Mesa 2 is a full Windows tablet, and it is larger than any Juniper device before.The Mesa 2, however, continues Juniper's tradition of ruggedness and sensible, practical technology.The second number is for the degree of protection from liquids.

Updating wwan coverage area on verizon

The Mesa 2 is the only rugged tablet we know of with a certified IP68 rating (Juniper tested at 1.4 meters for two hours). GEO models additionally have a 8.0mp camera with autofocus and Juniper's geotagging, as well as u Blox NEO-M8T GPS with integrated real-time SBAS.

Before we get into details of the Mesa 2's design and construction, it's worth to talk a bit about the significance of Juniper's move.

An optional internal second 19 watt-hour battery boosts that to 12-15 hours.

The Mesa 2 has a wide operating temperature range of -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

In Microsoft's new Windows 10 world, it is being replaced with with special versions of Windows 10. The Mesa 2's 7.0-inch screen is larger than any current smartphone and definitely puts it into the small tablet range.

Which is really needed if you want to run full Windows.

The 1280 x 800 pixel resolution is super-sharp, right up there with what Apple calls "retina" resolution.

We're talking 216 pixels per inch (ppi), far higher than the original Mesa's 140 ppi, and actually sharper than Dell's 24-inch Ultra Sharp 4k monitors.

Procap isn't a natural for Windows, not even Windows 10 (unless you spend most of your time in the operating system's "tablet" view), but the Mesa 2 comes with a narrow-tip stylus which helps a lot.

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