Trigger if updating

Document metadata is essential for focused, precise use of enterprise content in Share Point.

Trigger if updating

The tax bill's fate in the Senate could rest on Sen.

Bob Corker's "trigger" idea, which continues to be negotiated as the chamber debates the bill.

This allows you to facilitate co-existence with a unified information architecture of content types and tags across hybrid content.

While you can edit the metadata for a document in a Share Point document library, it is often easier to display and edit document metadata inside the document itself.

Content types define taxonomy, retention and templates.

By associating files with content types, you can group related files and manage them accordingly.

Use out of the box automation to optimize creativity with integrated review flows.

Every document library will allow you to route a document for review and feedback.

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But there aren't yet details on how it works, it may not comply with budget rules, and while it's being sold as a backstop to alleviate debt concerns, the vast majority of economists say the tax bill increases federal debt — meaning whatever the trigger ends up doing should be taken seriously.

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