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For western men though, it’s a lot more dangerous to talk about sex as it usually comes off as sleazy, low-class and desperate.Avoid the subject of sex altogether, even cute jokes about sex.Have you tried all the traditional ways to find someone special in Thailand?

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Don’t Talk About Sex – Unless you’re dating a bar girl, talking about sex is just about the last thing you want to do.

For western women, it’s perfectly acceptable to talk about sex and I’ve talked about sex (in an innocent way) in many of my adult classes.

Even the very ambitious, quite high-powered Thai women I know don’t seem to want to talk about work much, and most Thai women certainly don’t want to know about your job.

It’s fine to mention what you do but, after that safe piece of information, forget about it and talk about food or shopping instead.

If you tease her about how much food she eats she’ll love it.

Even the tiniest Thai girls are proud that they can remain a size 0, and still chow down four bowls of noodles.

Thai girls like men who think family is important so, if you talk about family, that will let her know you understand why she’s so close to her family.

You Can Joke With Her – Thai women love to joke and love to laugh.

Many western men come to Thailand looking for a Thai girlfriend or Thai wife.

When they get here, they meet a Thai woman, try to get to know her and then ask her out on a date.

Westerners joke often that it’s easy to talk to a Thai if you like to talk about food, as Thais love food more than anything.

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