Taylor swift dating a kennedy

The nation went crazy, ecstatic that their favorite sparkly dress-wearing, cat-loving, country-singing cutie could possibly become part of America’s unofficial royal family, the prestigious Kennedys. Later on, just like normal kids, they went to a local house party, where the guests were surprised to see Conor and Taylor there together. She was laughing and talked with a lot of little kids.” The next day, they went sailing at a nearby yacht club, hung out with Conor’s family and went to church. cozy in those pictures, leading us to believe that Miss Swift was probably at the Kennedy compound during 4th of July for Conor, not Patrick, and that the paparazzi probably just snagged pictures of Tay getting to know Conor’s family better.

A source dished that, “All of Hyannis Port was there.” Later, Taylor and Conor left the party through the back door and held hands as they walked down the beach. After that, they met a group of Conor’s friends at a local pizza joint.

18-year-old Conor, son of Mary Kennedy, gets in the media again as one hooked up with Taylor Swift who claims to be his mother’s fan.

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Conor Kennedy may need to be on the lookout for future songs penned in his dishonor... A few days later, they dined with friends in Cape Cod, with Taylor reportedly cozying up to Conor and "smiling a lot," onlookers say.

Consider the evidence: On July 25, Swift and Kennedy were spotted chowing down pizza in Mount Kisco, New York, walking out of the establishment"hand in hand," according to a People Magazine source.

The most recent of this are pics from the vicinity of Hyannisport taken last weekend which show Swift and Kennedy walking through the town in Mass.

holding and touching each other in the sweetest of fashions.

Taylor Swift has a dating history full of some pretty big celebrity names, but her latest rumored beau may very well trump them all: seems the Grammy-magnet has been cozying up with a Kennedy -- and robbing the cradle at that.

The New York Post reports Swift, 22, is now dating Conor Kennedy, the 18-year-old son of Robert F.

The New York Post quotes sources spilling that the singer showed up at the Edward M.

Kennedy Institute compound late last Friday afternoon and – as guests have to do for a tax issue – rented a small house there.

Young lovers were seen on a trampoline bouncing happily in the company of a black dog and then coming in for a house party – but they didn’t stay long and preferred to retreat to a get-together with a couple of friends at a nearby pizzeria via a back door.

A witness said Conor was courteous finding a seat for his girl.

Ironically, Swift had previously been linked to Patrick Schwarzenegger, a distant relative of Conor's, after photos captured her hanging out with Arnold's son during July 4 weekend.

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