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And he's going the crowdfunding route for the PC version because the loans won't carry him that far.As he tells it, though, the PC version is the game he wants to make most.

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He decided to play up the idea that Japan has some of the most famous developers in the world but those developers keep making the same types of games, so he drew them as if they were on a Star Wars poster.

The third image comes from Ogata Yuichi, an artist at Mixi working on mobile smash hit , a project seeing through the final game design document created by the late Kenji Eno.

He chose to show the popularity of mobile and portable games in Japan relative to console games, as seen through a day in the life on a train. He's been working on a new album of his own and is debuting the first track from that album, "First Contact," here for the first time.

You can sample other songs from the album on Brave Wave's preorder page.

So yeah, I always wanted to bring it to the bigger screen.

But at the same time, I had to think about the budget.

He describes his piece, showing two schoolgirls playing in the foreground and the fallout from Fukushima's nuclear disaster in the distance, as a way to show young people as the industry's future with the baggage from the past lingering behind.

The second image comes from Muhan Ogikubo, a pen name for an artist who has worked on some of Japan's biggest game franchises but requested we not use his real name.

[Update: See the Kickstarter campaign here.] "Once we announced [Project Scissors], the fans' reaction was basically, 'Yeah, we've been waiting for this. Unlike many Kickstarter campaigns, Kono isn't presenting his as an all-or-none situation.

He's planning to make the mobile and Vita versions either way, using his own money and loans from friends.

"Early on, I was concerned about playing a horror game on a smaller screen," says Kono.

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