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The animal and money goals are checked off as soon as the player completes those objectives, and remain checked off even if the player sells the animals or spends the cash.

The game also keeps track of the number of goods the player picks up.

The goods the player picks up are stored in a warehouse with limited capacity.

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Farm Frenzy 2 introduced an airplane the player can send to town to purchase items the player can't produce on the farm, such as ingredients needed to produce more valuable goods.

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The original modified automotive rear wheels were replaced with a flat disk center, which was welded to a 5x12 rim.

Warner, the owner of Baird Machine Co, made a very smart decision and hired Arthur J. It was built with weldments instead of castings and, after considering different engine manufacturers, he settled on the industrial quality of the Wisconsin AB 3 HP engine. Drawings were updated to cast all items that were weldments (you will find A. cast into the back side of your front end) and a full line of attachments was developed.

The PC version of Farm Frenzy received the Best Casual Game award at the 2008 Russian Game Developers Conference.[citation needed] Development is already underway on Farm Frenzy 4, a hidden object adventure game set in the Farm Frenzy universe and additional Farm Frenzy titles with varying themes.

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To raise animals, the player must regularly water the grass they eat.

A well with a limited capacity supplies the water and costs money to refill.

If the player uses or sells a good he's collected, the game doesn't reduce the tally.

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