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- - 8.5" quick adjust nut wrench with helical shaft and sliding collar similar to Handee wrenches but much rarer. - - 8.5" qk adj nut wrench with sliding button and helical shaft. Black finish in excellent condition but hard to adjust. Same wrench as above but with special gold finish and in the original gold presentation box.

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Condition is poor because of pitting, markings not readable, and aluminum paint (S487) 0025. LEVER WRENCH CO DULUTH, MINN / HEIMBACK PATENT 1915 - - 8" qk adj nut wrench with lever and rack teeth. Usually found with poor or unreadable markings, these come in loud and clear. G W NEWMAN - ERIE -PA / PATENTED - - 9'" qk adj pw with rack teeth and a lever that releases or locks the lower jaw assembly. HARVEY'S SONS MFG CO LTD DETROIT, MICH / HARVEY WRIGHT'S WRENCH PAT FEB 1910 - NOV 1911 (and A H S in a diamond logo) - - 17.5" qk adj pw with rack teeth on side of shaft and sliding lower jaws assembly. VICTOR TRADEMARK / PAT DEC 23,1902 - AUG 25, 1903 - - 6.5". The wrenches listed below are still in exceptionally fine working condition 0030.

(S653) This type of wrench seems to works fine till the helical shaft gets a little dirty or bent then they are hard to adjust or don't adjust at all.

PAT''D OCT 2, 1906 - - 9.75" all metal qk adj lever operated rack wrench like above except with different adj lever.

Pat by Axel Peterson and mfg by the Peterson Rapid Wrench Co., San Francisco, CA.

HALE - - 11" wood handled with eight point socket and hammer head. H & S CO NY - - 12" wood handled with eight point socket. Probably made to Carl Lang's (of Chicago, ILL.) patent of Nov 28, 1905.

SCHAFF - - 10.5:" wood handled with eight point socket and hammer head. Marked with mfg name but can't read, probably the oldest of the piano wrenches listed here. HALE TUNING HAMMER PAT OCT 3O, 1906 - 2 - - 12.5" wood handled with eight point socket, hammer head and telescoping shaft. Unmarked - - 6.75" piano pliers with a pad that swivels on the lower jaw.

- - 8" with 15/16' box end wrench on end of handle, plated finish. Marked only: "11" (David Bradley) - - 8" all malleable sliding wedge adj.

(2.) Same as (1) but PAT 3555939 (same patent as Peterson wrenches) and black finish. Used to free jammed piano keys, excellent (not listed) 0046.

QUICKSET - APRIL 22, 1919 QUICKSET - KOKOMO, IND - - 9" with same qk adj mechanism as above but on an auto type nut wrench. Unmarked Russell Machine C0 - - 8" wooden handle qk adj nut wrench which combines rack teeth for initial adj and a knurled nut and screw for fine adj. - Pat Jan 7, 02 - - 7.75" all metal unique adj with a spring loaded lower jaw and set screw.

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