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Alex sat at the dinner table across from his father and stepmother.He had a pair of pink panties that belonged to his sexy stepmother on under his pants having stolen them from the laundry basket that morning.As he pulled out his cock and found a nice video of a busty shemale getting fucked from behind by a nice big cock, a Skype message popped up on his desktop.

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You are not to throw any parties while we're gone but I don't mind you having a few friends over if you like.

Just make sure you don't make a mess or break anything. " Alex nodded semi-enthusiastically and then asked if he could be excused from the table before awkwardly making his way up the stairs, the buttplug somewhat inhibiting his movement along with his cock making a tent in his pants.

I've asked Mr Daniel to come check on you every once in a while we're gone just to make sure you're ok." Alex felt himself smile but he looked at his stepmother and her scowl made him look down.

"Now I want to make sure a few things are clear before I leave so there's no trouble while I'm gone.

After jerking off a few more times that day, it was getting late and Alex's parents would be home soon so Alex sat at his desk, cup of cum in hand and sent a Skype message to his Daddy saying 'I'm ready Daddy.' and soon afterwards, a call request came through.

Lexi answered it and stared into the camera, "I filled the cup up like you asked Daddy I've been a good girl today". Daddy: 'Are you sure you've been a good girl today?

Walking up to the fence, Mr Daniel said, "Hey Alex, doing some chores are we? " Alex started to panic and stuttered, "No sir why would I be wearing makeup? That's all." I smiled innocently and started to walk back to the house But before Mr Daniel could respond, Alex had already made it back into the house and sat there for a minute hyperventilating but he soon reassured himself that Mr Daniel didn't really suspect anything.

" "Yeah just mowing the lawn, my dad told me to." Mr Daniel looked Alex up and down quickly before replying "Well it is a lovely day to be outside; anyway I had better be going but- wait a minute..." Alex froze. Alex quickly got changed back into the heels and wig, took off his jeans and shirt and ran upstairs.

Now I'm going to tell you exactly what I expect from you. A porn site opened up and he saw a sissy hypno begin to play.

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