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In addition to her work to ensure financial stability for Alaska’s immunization program, Senator Giessel successfully introduced legislation that allows pharmacists to provide immunizations without the requirement of a collaborative agreement with a physician, making vaccines more accessible.

After California enacted a new vaccine exemption law, she developed a FAQ and resource guide to help inform parents about the upcoming changes. Robin-Goldberg’s commitment to fully immunizing vulnerable children in the Los Angeles Unified School District makes her California’s Matthew Dorighi, MD Pediatrician Cherry Creek Pediatrics Denver, CO When he first began practicing as a community pediatrician sixteen years ago, Dr.

Matthew Dorighi was challenged by conversations he had with vaccine-hesitant parents who were concerned about autism.

Since winning a seat in the Alaska State Senate in 2010, Senator Giessel has worked with the state’s Division of Public Health and other agencies to strengthen Alaska’s immunization programs.

She championed the passage of a three-year stopgap funding measure for vaccines.

She makes a special effort to address parents’ vaccine concerns by working with them and using motivational interviewing techniques to effectively communicate with parents. Robin-Goldberg is a sought after immunization speaker.

She travels around the Los Angeles Unified School District giving presentations about the importance of immunizations to school nurses, nursing students, parent groups, educators, and community leaders.

This process has helped strengthen the commitment of many individuals and entities as supporters of childhood immunization.

The increased focus on childhood immunization has also fostered renewed efforts on the part of public health nurses and other healthcare professionals to address vaccine hesitancy among parents.

(Note that some states did not participate this year.) Cathy Giessel, RN, MSN, APRN State Senator Juneau, AK Senator Cathy Giessel has had a variety of experiences that increased her awareness of vaccine-preventable diseases.

When she was a young girl in Fairbanks, Alaska, two boys who lived on her street died from polio.

This experience motivated him to learn more about how to build trust with parents and have productive vaccine conversations. Dorighi now serves as the co-chair of the subcommittee on immunization for the Colorado Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (CAAP).

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