Signs you are dating someone with bipolar disorder is carmen electra dating christopher from the choice

I've done fun and impulsive things and had my friends say, 'She must be off her meds.' ...

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* Bipolar II Disorder: When you experience both depressive episodes and hypomanic episodes, but without any full manic or mixed episodes.

* Bipolar Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (BP-NOS): When you have symptoms of bipolar disorder that don't technically meet the criteria for any specific type.

They walk on eggshells around me, because they think that if they do/say one wrong thing, I'll explode. We're your siblings, classmates, hell, maybe even your significant other!

Just like any other medical condition, bipolar disorder comes in all shapes and sizes.

A depressive episode can include feelings of sadness, loneliness, and low self-esteem.

Someone in a depressive state may lose interest in things they typically enjoy, have difficulty concentrating, sleep less or more, or have suicidal thoughts.It becomes a battle to determine what is real and what is bipolar.At times, you lose who you are." —Shannon via email "A lot of people assume if you're bipolar you'll go through a myriad of emotions in a single day. But there are weeks where I do everything I need to, weeks where I feel like I can and will get all the things I want out of life.D., director of research and special projects at the American Psychological Association, to give a better picture of what life is really like with bipolar disorder.A manic episode might include extreme overconfidence and happiness, and sometimes irritability or anger.During Buzz Feed's Mental Health Week, we asked members of the Buzz Feed Community to tell us about their experiences with bipolar disorder, and we received nearly 200 emails and hundreds more comments.

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