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About half the pictures are more traditional yoga asanas. Beautiful poses of nude women doing yoga, all done in very good taste. This makes a great gift for either men or women, for anyone interested in yoga and/or photography. I love the pictures-- they inspire me as a yogi and they teach me form just by looking at them.

Regarding the other half of photos, I feel the photographer was trying to capture the essence of the feminine. I like the book better than many of my artist model books as many of them fuzz out the private regions!

it snowed) temperatures, dedicated yogis made their way to Estes Park, CO to sit at the feet of the living Masters of Western Yoga as we know it today.

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Expert teacher Shiva Rea is a pioneer in the yoga community, so it's no surprise that she's a fixture at the four-day yoga and music Wanderlust Festival, happening at various locations across North America.

While the yoga life is a good one, Shiva recognizes that not everyone has the opportunity to practice yoga for hours every day.

So it’s really a practice that serves our own inner well-being as well as the quality of relationships we cultivate with our family, our friends, and anyone we meet. Keeping a traditional daily asana practice as a western householder always has its obstacles -- maybe of time, or of space.

These challenges offer new creative opportunities to weave shorter practices throughout the day, or to bring the essence of your yoga practice into all areas of life -- into preparing meals, connecting with our families, and all aspects of householder living.

This is simply a celebration of the female body and yoga. It is a small, hardcover book of beautiful yoginis in the nude.

Shakti captures the power, strength, and grace that women hold.

this book is about yoga, pure and simple, in the buff and captures graceful women and thier art.

My only problem was that the woman are all athletic and strong and make yoga look like it is only for the well built when yoga is for every BODY.

Keep reading to learn the variation that will help you release tension at work.

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