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Here are 12 ways to identify the hints of history that have drawn you back into each other’s orbits, for better or for worse.

(Which is certainly a good thing now and then, but every time, with the same individual, signifies something unseen at work.) You feel you owe them, but this is probably not in your conscious awareness.

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This doesn’t mean you have to come back and let them kill you!

That’s an old misconception about reincarnation which would not rectify anything, only perpetuate the seesaw.

The principles of interdimensional science and your own personal design may mandate it.

(And if it’s a balanced give-and-take, with shared goals and mutual respect, count yourselves fortunate and never let go.) 2.

We very often trade roles in subsequent lives in order to learn and grow.

And it’s likely you will meet again if you’ve got work left to do together.This is a very valuable “polarity,” developed over many lives of practice.Nothing ever seems agreeable to you both; you can never make them happy; they seem to you to act as if you owe them something.Nothing is lost or forgotten in the Infinite scheme of energy-life.It’s not important to share this information with them.Your memory may not be at the conscious level, but you know something.

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