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Its striking views make this the perfect place for a first date where you can take some lunch, a blanket and enjoy a nice afternoon in the park.

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After a few weeks of messaging, we decided to meet up for dinner.

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Here you will be able to visit microbreweries and wineries where you can taste some of the best Western Australian wine and splurge on the gourmet goodies, fresh food produce and sweet treats.

Quality of love is not a function of sexual experience, whether it's a lot or a little.

And maybe to achieve that understanding, we need to stop asking this pointless question once and for all.

Being so close to the city you may instead opt for a nice stroll around the parklands like e Harmony couple Jane & Greg, followed by a tasty dinner at a nearby restaurant.

We re always on the same page and communicate so well.

I wondered who exactly they were trying to fool, apart form themselves. When pressed on the issue I'd confirm it's well over 100, but probably under 500.

Why not own you number, high or low, whatever it may be? And indeed I said as much to my (now) husband shortly after we started dating. When I turned the table and asked him, to my horror he started counting off on his one hand.

"Smart" and "sexual" don't sit all that easily next to each other, and it makes people uncomfortable.

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