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Rights group Amnesty International said: "This gruesome attack underscores the dangers faced by Afghan civilians."In one of the deadliest years on record, journalists and other civilians continue to be ruthlessly targeted by armed groups."Terror unit ISIS claimed responsibility in an online statement.

If you think that you have heard enough debates and read abundant articles about them, then you are riding the horse of denial, my friend.

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Various other inventions became a part of the estimated £23 billion a year sex tech industry.

An extremely interesting concept was the Invisible Girlfriend and Invisible Boyfriend, an application which connects you with a real, paid human who will text you whom you can proudly show off to the world and even on your social profiles.

In the western world, the elderly are lonely after either losing their partner or separating from them.

This category also includes the younger age groups who have lost their loved ones and wish to hold on to their memories by creating a replica of them or are not willing to replace them with another human.

The 26-year old woman was walking alone when she was targeted by an unidentified person in the capital's docklands yesterday.

The liquid left her with horrific burns to her face and leg has been tested and confirmed to be a strong acid.The shocking footage shows the topless men trading punches in an abandoned car park in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.A pair of referees stand watch and intervene whenever the two grapple as dozens of people spectate.Sexbot isn't merely a dream come true for digisexuals with silicon doll fetish but it is the best possible option for people who have fetishes too weird to even admit to their partner.With sexbots, creators want the silicone doll lovers to have an experience and not just perform an act.Harrowing photos from the scene show severe damage at the site along with dead and wounded on the ground.

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