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He is also offering a little treat, if I may call it that.

I have not reviewed her in the forum because I rather save my reviews for my own site and because I do not need discounts.

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But I found it nice that he asked and that he offered.

There are ONLY nice reviews about the Asian girls in the Forum.

In Vienna you can find a great amount of Asia Studios and Apartments which usually are disguised as massage institutes but which are in fact nothing but sex studios and – since they are mostly in apartments – they are illegal for not following the newest prostitution laws in Austria.

I don’t know what will happen to most of them in the immediate future but I assume there will be a big cleansing going on in Austria’s capital and many of the places will have to shut down for good.

It was a great sexual experience with a super nice Asian young lady!

I guess we spent almost all of the 30 minutes and after I was done, I took another shower and left.Many of you will be surprised to hear that she was shaved in full down there.Not a single hair which is also rare for Asian girls who usually wear a proud bush on them.The prices in almost all Asia studios and apartments are very tempting and you can a lot of things for your money there.Sex without condom is not rare there and it is not expensive either.Also you can get what we punters call GFE – the real Girl friend experience which is kissing and a tender approach of the girl without much haste and pressure.

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