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Beware, some very graphic details may appear on these pages! Our ladies deserve to be paid for the service they provide !

Every attempt has been made with the following named individuals to rectify the billing issue, as well a thorough investigation has been made to assure there was no fraudulent use of anyones credit card.

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Now there was tons of effort made in collecting this debt !

 There were numerous telephone calls made, there were numerous promises made by Ricky to pay this debt. He did NOT disagree with the charges, he promised to pay them !

 He continually asks the “operator” if he can take another hit !

Robert Brezindine is a meth smoking, drug addict, phone sex charge backer ! Robert Brezindine, tell him to get off the drugs and pay his debt ! Randi Richard Smith or “Ricky” of El Paso, Texas has a thing for doing phone sex calls and deciding to cry “feel sorry for me” rather than pay his bill !

When asked by the girls if he would pay his bill, he says he will… I have emails from Robert, agreeing to the above charges while he laughs for charging them back. Ricky has told the girls he works for a correction facility of some sort in El Paso, Texas, of which he also told me. Just don’t really know to what capacity ! Ricky just had a new baby, while his wife/girlfriend is in the hospital with complications of a newborn, Ricky is getting his rocks off with a phone sex girl !

His phone records, pictures, etc have been forwarded to his credit card company for the fraud he continues to do….  How is that for “family loyalty”. Literally the same timing !

Aditya Rajkumar thinks that he can do whatever he wishes to !

 He has excuses up the ass, then decides that ignoring us will work the best.  You see, I always warn charge backers, that I will work with them to have the billing issue rectified, however, should they choose to ignore or deny any attempts at resolution I will be forced to public notice on this site.  Not everyone is as open minded and kinky as we are :) any bets on whether they are or not ?

When Andrew gets close to orgasm, he likes to take breaks, either calling back or while running a call extension put me on hold.

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