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Mainly, this is a good second date because you can be alone and close to each other, and all you are left to do is enjoy the scenery, get to know each other better and if you are lucky, land the second date kiss. Or even take him to restaurant he likes the most, that is, if you have paid attention on your first date, and tried to find that out.There is something about cute food and love that just goes perfect together, as we have seen in the movies so very often .Luckily, some second date ideas don't require much planning, as is the case with going outdoors.

Are you and him looking to get to know each other more?

The important thing is not to put too much pressure on it, because the success of the date depends on not just the place, but also on how you act.

Here is a list of awesome places to hike around shy to ask a stranger to take a photo of me kissing my boyfriend.

Solve all your problems by going on a double date with your bestie couples friends and take awesome couples IG pictures for each other! Dress up and really ball out at a boujee dinner at a fine dining restaurant like Hawkworth or Gotham's. at the Rosewood Hotel Gotham's Steakhouse // 615 Seymour St. Black & Blue // 1032 Alberni @undefined Go on an educational date to Science World (yes, Science World) and learn something new together!

Don't forget to take some awesome couples IG photos while you're at it.

Then go home for a night for meal prep and wine...because you defs earned the wine.

For some reason, human beings perceive this as a daunting or awkward task.

To avoid such feelings, here are some second date tips. Don't be too pushy or desperate, but surely don't go home if you really want to see that individual again.

Then take advantage of it and propose the second date that includes going out to that place, or something similar.

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