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Inspired by a nearly century-old photo of two brothers, the sisters wear horizontal-striped black-and-white pullover shirts on the album’s cover and fashioned their black hair in similar bobs.

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I wish there was just one but humans always have sub categories. I check E-Bay periodically but have never seen one on there. Anyone know how to go about getting a spotify presale code? I'm going to sleep now but I'll see if when I wake up I post some photos.

Yes, a girl called Sofia (Sofu) Snow for a bit over a year. Has anyone ever seen one for sale and if so, for how much? There are several pics of the sandclock she has near her wristthat she got done at the same time and in the same place Staxy got hers done.

They have released eight studio albums, most recently Love You To Death Sara: "Hot Snake." What does it say about society that men are so comfortable drawing their own genitalia all over everything?

Women do nfeel comfortable to do that, I would never...

I knew that I liked girls but I also had boyfriends and felt okay about that. Once she fell in love with a girl after high school, Tegan knew for sure where her proclivities fell. ”I think that we can control our impulses,” says Sara, ”but what we’re attracted to in human beings, whatever the gender, whatever the sexuality, I think that that’s all science. It makes complete sense that we would both be gay.” ”We only have relationships with a few immediate cousins,” adds Tegan.

“But I definitely have heard that there are more gay people [in the family]. Kass U-m8 Haha I could see Sara kicking trumps ass all over her house! Omg I could so see her doing a video like that for real! Transgenders have a very hard time trying to come to terms with their identity and they don’t need little shits like you complaining about them changing their body. Kass U-m8Also tired of girls turning into trans boys bc they don't like femininity. I dated a girl once and fell in love with her so bad, she was perfect. Sort of like she's the more masculine one in a relationship and life as opposed to two feminine lesbians. Trying to get a presale and never got emailed anything from SCS.So many words to describe someone that likes women. I have a hand numbered and signed poster that was given with a pre-order of "The Con" from Maple Music. I'm trying to see what the value would be if I wanted to sell it. Trying to get a presale and never got emailed anything from SCS. Anyone know how to go about getting a spotify presale code?I’m dating a woman.’ Tegan didn’t come out right away — she was still dating a guy.” ”I never really thought about it,” Tegan says.

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