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As you’re taking a few cold sips under the Mediterranean sun, this thought may emerge: what will remain from our civilization 3,000 years from now for future visitors to marvel at?

I found it quite easy going through my spare change, a couple of hundred quarters, to put together most years.

Assuming you don't want to change your birth date to 1965, a coin shop will charge about to fill in the missing dates.

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But pause to reflect upon the events that happened here. It's a bit of a climb up the rocky hill to the top, but well worth it for the spectacular 360-degree view of the Mediterranean and surrounding countryside.

Certainly there was no shortage of dramas to fill the tabloids, had they existed at that time. Take in the tree-covered terraces and orange and olive groves.

Perhaps these eternal memories are encased in the huge stones that greet visitors at the Lion Gate.

I stood in awe looking up at the carvings of twin lions that had stood at this spot for over 3,000 years.

The House of Atreus was especially fraught with gruesome events, including a meal of children served from one brother to another and the stabbing death of Clytemnestra by her son Orestes as revenge for murdering his father. There are also vineyards nearby that you can visit. C., is impressive, and it can provide relief from the sun on a hot summer day.

The Treasury of Atreus (left), a tholos tomb, is about a five-minute walk down the road from the main site. The tomb was pillaged in ancient times, but its magnificence remains.

While sorting through his cache of coins, I was trying to put together a sentimental set of one quarter from each year since my birth year, 1959.

But since that time I have rifled through another 500 quarters and I have yet to find anything predating 1965 and none from 1975.

It represents the largest underwater archaeological expedition of its kind off Southern California."We're taking up fundamental questions about who we are and where we came from," said Todd Braje, a San Diego State archaeologist who is helping to lead the project with Jillian Maloney, one of the school's geoscientists."This is about human history and the human odyssey," Braje added.

Scientists are confident that they have reconstructed part of the story.

Continue from Grave Circle A up the hill to what remains of the fortified palace.

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