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The sound is great since you can hear every action shot, explosion and gut-wrenching scene quite clearly.

As for characters, they are well diverse and well thought out and have a different spin on personality as well as leaving some family resemblance when it comes to the Maeno family. Although some spots become difficult to understand when you start each episode.

Considering these horror and sex scenes, as well as the themes behind them, “ Menomosyne” is only suitable for mature viewers.

Those who do watch will be treated to a dark series that holds some very interesting references and concepts, both apparent from its visuals or integrated in its plot.

When both are near each other, the female is sexually attracted to the angel and asks of him to "devour" her.

Eventually, Rin meets Kouki Maeno in the first episode and throughout the series, the Maeno family becomes the key element in the story along with a demigod Eipos who is adiment on eating Rin's timespore.

The story follows Rin and Mimi, the various people they encounters and the overarching plot around mysterious phenomenon involving Yggdrasil, everything is slowly unravelled piece by piece to come to a conclusion in the final episode.

In the beginning of the series, Rin and Mimi run a detective agency, as such the first episodes seem to be more independent mystery tales that reveal little about the girls' true nature and nearly nothing about the overarching plot.The series' time frame spans over sixty years, the first episode showing us events that occur in 1990 while the last episode takes place in 2055.Some flashbacks even give us a glimpse of events involving the main characters that took place many centuries ago.The story seems to be complicated at first, but once it ends, the whole picture seems to fall into focus.The story surrounds a woman named Rin Asogi who runs a consulting agency with her friend Mimi and pet dog Genta.i think im going to give up porno for a little while because of what i just watched.

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