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"There, get a good look." I'm a b-cup, so there isn't much sag normally, but I held them high and pointed them at each of them in turn.Several looked embarrassed or nervous, so I made sure they got a good look before I moved on. I was a warrior, descended from a long line of strong female warriors, and my leather corset was supposedly armor passed down from generations.

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Having an excuse to not have to wear layers of clothing could be nice.

As a water nymph, I'd probably also have an excuse to go swimming any time I wanted.

" "Come on, Rachel, you know the rules." Yeah, I knew the rules.

In reality, it was an excuse to wear my new corset armor, and now I would have to give it up.

I was about to call out that I was not in game, but I stopped when I saw what was going on.

Stacey, a girl from our group back home that always seemed to be hitting on a different guy each week, had apparently snared one.

"Come on, I'm sure you have great tits." I glared at the speaker, a prick by the name of Jon whom I had luckily only encountered a few times in real life. I threw the armor at his head, and I was pleased that he didn't get his hands up in time.

"I hope that leaves a welt." I turned to the rest of the gawking boys and squeezed my breasts in my hands.

I knew I would have a chance to buy it back at one of the many merchant shops that pop up throughout the game, or at the very worst, get it back at the end of the week, but neither of those options made me happy right now.

I was ruing how stupid and incompetent I had been in my first actual battle, when a voice broke through. " I stood up, angrily, reaching back to unbuckle my armor.

I knew my character couldn't be touched without her permission, but would he or his like-minded goons try to grope me?

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