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According to this argument, science merely transfers our puzzlement from one phenomenon to another… we don’t simply replace one phenomenon with another.

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Despite repeated attempts to explain all this to my atheist readers, many still insist that successful explanations must themselves be explained.

At this point, I don’t know what else to do except to quote some scholars in an attempt to bludgeon my fellow atheists into accepting this basic principle in philosophy of science.

the problem with offering “God did it” as an explanation.

The problem with offering “God did it” as an explanation is that such an explanation has low plausibility, is not testable, has poor consistency with background knowledge, comes from a tradition (supernaturalism) with extreme explanatory failure, lacks simplicity, offers no predictive novelty, and has poor explanatory scope.

Or consider atheist philosopher of science Michael Friedman.

Notice that he assumes our explanations may not themselves be explained, but that explanations succeed in increasing our understanding of the world: [Consider] the old argument that science is incapable of explaining anything because the basic phenomena to which others are reduced are themselves neither explained nor understood.Let us ask ourselves what would happen if we required that a successful explanation must itself be explained.This would lead immediately to an infinite regress of explanations.It is true that we do not need to explain the causes of a drought in order to explain its effects, but the drought itself belongs to the same realm as the failed crop, and it remains explainable in principle.This is not the case when God is invoked as an explanation: there is no plausible hope of explaining God, and so it is a sterile explanation.Boltzmann’s theory was superior to earlier phenomenological theories of heat, even though his explanation (a mess of tiny particles) was itself totally unexplained.

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