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Suffice it say, all of the individuals listed here as "homosexual serial killers" can be classified as homosexual as the term is generally used.

No ethnic, religious or cultural group promotes this sort of violence.

But in a free society, no culture is entirely free from violence, despite their best efforts. It seems to me this culture promotes the degradation and abuse of their women for reasons only they know and understand." Pinpointing the blame for abuse on any one "culture" is irresponsible and weak. It is no respecter of gender, marital or relationship status.

Below is a list of serial killers who were homosexuals.

This list is intended for reference purposes only and does not imply a causal relationship between homosexuality and serial killing.

But with such small overall numbers, and with no universally agreed upon definition of a homosexual, it would be impossible to determine the relative frequency of homosexuals among serial killers.

Unlike gender and race (clearly ascertainable), there are no physical or genetic tests for sexual orientation.There are no "rules" and all apparent trends have been broken. In the United States, serial killers are predominantly white.This makes sense statistically, because about 80% of the population is white.Many of the most famous serial killers (e.g., Jeffrey Dahmer, Andrew Cunanan, John Wayne Gacy, etc.) were homosexuals, but they became widely known due to the nature of their crimes or the identities of their victims, not because they in any way represent serial killers generally.Given that less than 2% of adults are homosexuals (plus 1 to 2% who are bisexual), there would not need to be very many homosexuals among the total number of serial killers for them to be over-represented.Although the proportion of serial killers who are known to have had homosexual experience is high (over 43%), the total number of serial killers is too small to make statistically relevant statements about whether homosexuals are over- or under-represented among serial killers.

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