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Due to lack of registrations, this event has been cancelled. What better way to celebrate the Jewish holiday of love than with a classic speed dating event!

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At that time, Utz CEO Dylan Lissette, whose wife is a Rice, told me that the company planned to double sales, from $800 million to $1.6 billion, with Metropoulous’ help.

Lissette and other senior Utz officials, and people at Metropolous, did not return calls asking why they are ending the relationship, or how much Metropolous made on the deal.

While having fun meeting interesting people, you will acquire a new cooking skill – learn to make your own dumplings from Yin Meets Yang Founder Alice, who is a Wharton graduate and also the most eligible single. PLACE: Upper East Side in NYC (Will disclose the address to attendees) TIME: 11/13/16, Sun, 4-8pm WHAT TO BRING: an appetizer, or a dessert, and a container to bring left over dumplings home AGE RANGES: 20’s – 50’s singles MAX OF ATTENDEES: 24 (12 males/females each).

The party will take place in a private personal residence, a real Chinese family’s kitchen and learn how to make real dumplings in a more fun and casual way. Waiting List Available COST: $25/person Alice Ye, WG’08 Yin Meets Yang 215-352-4324 [email protected] Meets

At the end of August, we have successfully hosted a single party on Chinese Valentine’s Day. We are hosting another single event – Speed Dating & Happy Hour in Old City on Oct 28th, 2017. Date: October 28At the beginning, when I was very new to dating, I did use, exchanged emails with quite a few different guys and went on some dates with a few of them. Penn NYC is helping us to promote this first ever single event within the Penn community in New York City.

Please note the pricing includes a food voucher to be used to purchase drink, food etc at the restaurant/bar. I eventually discontinued my use of match because I felt that it could take a long time to make a good connection that way. In additional to Chinese Calligraphy, Founder of Yin Meets Yang, Alice demoed Chinese brush painting. Penn NYC, the official NYC alumni organization of Penn, is currently stronger than ever!

In connection with Utz’s borrowing plans, S&P gave the company a junk-bond B corporate-credit rating on its 5 million first-lien term loan, and a more-speculative CCC rating on a 5 million second-lien loan.

That means S&P considers Utz less likely to pay back its lenders than A-rated companies, and will have to pay higher interest to borrow money.

Last week, the company told investors that it plans to borrow 0 million, including 0 million to buy out its private-equity investors and 5 million to acquire publicly traded salty-snacks maker Inventure Foods Inc., as well as for refinancing and other expenses, according to a report by analyst Bea Chiem at S&P Global Ratings, the credit-rating agency.

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