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But given Bruce’s steep arc into the apex of global fame, his blossoming romance with an up-and-coming model-turned-actress from the Pacific Northwest inevitably became the subject of intense interest for the world’s media/celebrity industrial complex.Born in Chicago in 1960 and raised in the waterfront suburb of Lake Oswego, Oregon, about ten minutes up the Willamette River from Portland, Julianne grew up with the tree-shaded comfort the Springsteens never enjoyed when Bruce was young.

And the prospect of taking up with his newest band member, weaving a romance into the always-complex chemistry of the E Street Band while also stirring up a tabloid frenzy couldn’t have seemed appealing.

So then came Julianne, the wedding, and three years of marriage that hardly anyone had guessed might be less than the openly affectionate romance most observers believed they were witnessing.

It had taken him a long time to get there, but now he was determined to make it work.

Temporarily relieved of the shifting burdens of art, fame, and commerce, Bruce turned his attention to the quieter challenges of domestic life.

On one level, he and Julianne were a lot like any other pair of successful young professionals, juggling their relationship with the careers, and the inner lives that had propelled them to the point where they had made themselves family.

Juli was seemingly on board for whatever her husband wanted to do. She was right there at the bar, checking out the band with Bruce and then edging away subtly when a crowd of fans enveloped him.

After chatting for a while backstage, Bruce asked to see Julianne again, and when that date went well, they grew closer, then inseparable.

“I knew they liked each other, but I didn’t know how fast he was moving,” Bell says. Bruce took his new girlfriend home to meet his family and friends in New Jersey during his winter break, followed her back to Los Angeles and then went with her to meet the Phillipses when they visited Palm Springs, California, in February 1985.

In “Bruce,” biographer Peter Ames Carlin delivers the book Springsteen fans have been waiting for.

Everyone talked to Carlin — family, friends, members of the E Street Band and Bruce himself. Introducing “Glory Days,” he reminisced about teenage encounters in the bedroom of his parents’ house, conducted under the aural cover of balls banging around his pool table.

What could be seen, however, was that the duets he performed with the increasingly prominent Patti Scialfa had grown so steamy it seemed like their portrayal of romantic heat was, perhaps, something a bit too realistic to be limited to the stage. “What was obvious on the Tunnel tour was also obvious at an early point in the Born in the U. So when the word broke that Bruce would be traveling with a serious girlfriend during the Far East swing in the spring of 1985, some tour members assumed they could book one less hotel room for the band.

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