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They say once you go black you never go back...until you go on a Persian excursion. And now that I'm married to a white guy, it's an excursion I won't ever be taking. Aside from one terrible blind date, I have never dated an Iranian guy- even though I am in fact an Iranian. “How do they do that, if there’s no bars —“ I started to ask. You can get anything you want.” The female cousin mused: “Iranians are very influenced by American culture. Most educated families allow their children to date.” Thinking of the next thing I took for granted about the country, I asked how Persian men treat their wives.

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It was a Thursday night in Istanbul and I was sitting on a patio at a going away party with three Persian cousins: two men living in Istanbul for graduate school and a woman living there who works as a journalist. So it’s forbidden by law, informal dating when you’re not married. The men explained that when a woman gets married she decides on an amount of money that the man owes them if they get divorced. Also they’re graduating a lot more from university, to the extent that if a girl and boy are both applying to the same department at university, they’ve lowered the standards for the boys to try to even it out.

I didn’t want to turn playtime into work time but the opportunity seemed too ripe to relinquish. How often do we get to share a beer and actually try to understand each other? I told them that I was writing about dating cultures in different countries. But you know, everything forbidden is more interesting.” I asked how dating is different for them in Istanbul than it is back home and both men instantly replied that it was way easier to date back home in Iran. ” One said and laughed, but then added more seriously, “Maybe they feel more freely. But because they are so repressed, they go to extremes to compensate. They’re totally dressed up and made up and with the hair… They’ve got like three boyfriends, they’re always screwing around… They explained that the right of divorce is the man’s, but that most middle and upper class men sign a clause in their pre-nuptial agreement giving their wife the same right. The graduation rates are like 62 percent girls.” I walked away from this conversation a bit rattled and sad.

Every now and then Iranian women may wonder about the characteristics of an ideal partner.

In spite of what many people think, Persian men do not need extraordinary qualities to be considered ideal partners.

There is a series of simple actions that Persian men can take to maintain a successful relationship. What happens in a Persian girl’s life should be important to her partner.

Persian men try to stay updated with their partners’ lives and are not indifferent to them.Hopefully his behavior continues and you will have a healthy and happy relationship.Do not forget to share your experiences with us about this subject.Ideal Persian men find ways to treat their in-laws with respect and love, just the same as their own family.They know how important these in-laws are to the Iranian women they are dating and that is why they take extra good care of them.A significant portion of my cousins have Iranian spouses.

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