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He doesn’t even call Finn by his name; he rather refers to him as his baby brother. Finn Lindqvist Wilson (son with Caroline Lindqvist) Date of Birth: January 30, 2014 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius He is the youngest child to the actor and literally copies everything his big brother does.Wilson admitted jokingly that his sons are growing so fast that they would soon be ganging up on him.vixen has started going out with Owen Wilson and a romance is heating up between them. News has taken the rumor out for a spin and can definitively say it's…So false! News that the dancer is not dating Owen."There is nothing there," says the insider. They are friends but not dating at all."Glad we could put that one to rest.

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Robert was also the author of a few books and took charge of a local public television affiliate, KERA in 1967.

The public TV pioneer died at the age of 75 after years of fighting Alzheimer’s disease and is greatly missed by his family.

Robert Andrew Wilson (father) Date of Birth: July 3, 1941 Date of Death: May 5, 2017 (aged 75) Zodiac Sign: Cancer He was an advertising executive who owned his own Dallas-based firm.

His company worked with some of American’s top companies to improve their communications strategies.

As you might know already, Owen is not the only Wilson child in the film industry, in fact, when he headed to L. He comes from a middle class family and still maintains close ties with the other Wilsons.

Owen has never been married but is the father to two children from two separate women yet he is single.

According to the famous actor, Ford might be a little stunt man in training as he is a big fan of the renowned Jackie Chan and does epic belly flops off the driving board.

Since the arrival of his younger brother, the famous Owen has been amazed at how protective little Robert could be.

The twosome clicked so much that they soon began working enthusiastically to create a screen play.

After this poorly successful play, he became motivated enough to move to Los Angeles for a finer career in the entertainment industry.

Date of Birth: November 18, 1968 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio The (2005) star admitted that he spent most of his early days as the trouble maker that raised a lot of havoc not just for his family but in school which eventually caused him expulsion in tenth grade.

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