Online dating meet face face

"When you get shot down at a bar it hurts, when you get shot down online you just move on to the next one," Gallagher said."People are more comfortable going to a computer than going to a bar and trying to chat up someone.

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Nowadays, one third of people prefer online dating more than any other form of dating.

Research by the University of Rochester found that online dating has become the second-most-common way to meet people besides meeting through mutual friends.

Men, who are 40 percent more likely to initiate contact online, are used to not getting a response back.

"For me, when I go on Ok Cupid and I look at match percentage and I look at how a woman looks, then I say, oh she's really cute and I send her a message, I get no response.

By 2002, the site had 26.6 million registered users and by 2012, over 27 million people used

Today, fee-based online dating sites have grossed over one billion dollars.

"It feels like shopping," Bryan Scotland, 26, said.

"Basically you browse through pictures, and at least for me, you look at people's profile pictures, or at least the first picture, and you say I think she's cute, and then you click on it." When browsing for a potential mate online, pictures are often the first thing that persuades a person to click on a profile.

I mean, they aren't dealing with their voice, they aren't dealing with their eyes, they aren't dealing with human contact," Trice said.

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