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Figure 3 To add a Search Modifier, simply place your cursor in the search bar to the right of the gray Fulfilment Partner “pill”.

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If you would like to review "subtitle" source types, you can simply type "sub" in the search bar and it will appear as an option.

This is a more streamlined approach to adding Search Modifiers since you do not have to specify the modifier type.

Figure 5 Figure 6 is an example of using several Search Modifiers to reduce the Source Requests that are displayed.

This example shows three additional Search Modifiers; Content Partner, Source Type, and Language.

Figure 4 After clicking on one of the Modifiers from the drop-down list seen in Figure 4, all the available options are displayed.

In Figure 5, the active selection is the Search Modifier “Source Type” which now displays a list of all possible Source Types Netflix may request.

Adding a Search Modifier, or multiple Search Modifiers will allow you customize what Source Requests will populate the Insights and Asset States Buckets.

By default, you are already using a Fulfillment Partner Search Modifier to restrict your view to your Source Requests (Figure 3).

But outsourcing fulfillment to an experienced e Commerce logistics provider can help you keep order fulfillment costs low, and customer satisfaction and retention high. It’s time to say goodbye to high order fulfillment costs.

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