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but as soon as she goes back to work she will be needing to go back to wearing her contacts along with Vicky's old glasses.I'm a little surprised that she is wearing her glasses while on break and not wearing her contacts.Mention the headaches, migraines and dizziness as they may be related to your latest prescription.

You said she looks really nice wearing your current glasses, how does she look wearing your old glasses?

I really wonder if she is going to be able to hold off as long she wants to before getting her eyes examined and new glasses? has Vicky said anything about her glasses needing changed or any problems with seeing properly?

I have light sensitivity and sometimes get opthalmic migraines. Lou , Hi Sorry, I completely disagree with Likelenses' suggestion.

In my case it was determined that the migraines had nothing to do with my eyes. Relying on alcoholic drinks will cause more problems later in life unless you limit alcohol use to no more than one or two drinks maximum per day. Weirdeyes is looking for an accurate eye prescription, and the things you mention are not linked to her eyes, and will only confuse the issue, and may even lead to her concerns not being taken seriously and possibly being put down to anxiety. every tear she invites me to her house with her family.

One visual symptom Im not sure I should mention is that even my distance vision feels like it has reduced image size. My left eye definitely has reduced image size/details at all distances that is helped by glasses.

When I look through my left eye without glasses and accommodate it looks a lot like neurological/migraine issues.The fact that she asked you if she could try on your current glasses is a clear indication that she has accepted the fact that she needs stronger glasses and is already considering what frames might look good on her.Since she likes your glasses which i'm sure was considerably less than what she usually pays for her glasses at a local optical store do you think she will order her glasses on line when she gets her eyes examined?I always thought that was a neurological issue, but now Im not so sure.I used to think my depth perception issues were neurological as well, so I didnt bother telling anyone since one OD said I didnt need glasses.but it's better for her eyes that she gives her eyes a break from the contacts since she must have been wearing them daily so she could wear Vicky's glasses over them.

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