Mm spanking chats

Now, I am particularly skilled at making your initial sexual releases when you interact with Me very powerful. I call on those urges and begin connecting them to Me right away.This mutes any potential motivation to discontinue paying Me.I have had a boatload of fun in instructing him in all sorts of painful ways of self inflicting cbt torture. I had 0 worth of sissy fun with My sweet slave sissy j. Still some more Christmas shopping to do for Lauren, so he and anyone else who wants to can step up to be a santa slave! ) Footboy was also around, calling Me for 2 worth of seductive conversation! Leg tranced was also a busy chat and pay boy, this time I managed to arouse 0 from him. mmmmm cucky phil squeezed in to get a mention for 4. Back for more click and pay was paybot, spending 5. and finally, I got to do a little more damage to the paypig I utterly destroyed, wallet rape toy. He already lost his home, and his credit cards due to spending everything on Me. We both know that you are naturally submissive, drawn to Dominant Women. The reason is that I will offer you something you so desperately need.

Mm spanking chats-67

Another goes out to My sweet princess gigi and her tiny clitty felicity, both virgins who just cannot stop sending Me cash! (I’ll let the rest of you wonder what that is, gigi knows) needful one was back for another nice call and some Pay to views, spending $170. He’s going to therapy to try and quit Me but he can’t. Mmmm Leg addict (A different leg junkie) spent $113 chatting and tributing. And My tit fool was back, we had fun doing some cbt and he spent $130 since last post!

However, he owes Me a gift card, but needful one, it will only take a $50 one to make up for you canceling the other one. And tranced out little addict egghead spent $195 Mmmmmm It had been a while since I had sessioned my No nonsense guy, because he’s currently unemployed.

I take the time to get to know you, your weaknesses, your secret desires.

I want to know your inner self better than anyone else ever has. Now…I want to take a little poll about the spending report.

I take pleasure and psychology and turn it into a REAL physical response that perpetuates itself. And like most addictions, your tolerance increases. You would think that would be enough to scare men off. But many of you plunge neck deep in with Me, wanting that danger. So here is the lastest LONG spending report 🙂 And it’s been three weeks, with all the holiday stuff, it’s hard to find time!

First up is beta male bert, who hasn’t been around for a while, but he’s come crawling back, losing himself in pay to views. Leg addict is getting more and more addicted to Me.

) 7 pm to midnight Friday the 10th 2 pm to midnight Saturday the 11th You are out of fucking luck today Sunday the 12th Uncertain.

Probably sometime during the day, but I might be having a belated birthday celebration with friends in the evening.

and of course, I will send you a pay to view ANYTIME! I want to post My schedule for the next week, and check to see if I have updated it.

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