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He walked up to her and rested his elbows on the counter, and from that position looked normal, except for the one hand that was a carbon fiber hook. No room in shelters at neighboring counties or their neighboring counties. ” “Yep.” “All right.” “Good news is, there’s a young couple here, with a little kid, and they want a dog. She checked her list against the log and the roster, as she always did. She would have noticed any special instructions or changes to an animal’s status. In the kennel she took the quiet dachshund with cataracts out of its cage and led it to the room in back. Dennis caught Naomi’s eye and bit his lip, but she ignored him. Dennis left to check on Portia and Naomi walked to the window. Slowly, she supposed, and there was nothing wrong with that. ” He came forward and took the cup, drank and handed it back. It was not exactly like offering comfort, but what else was there? His fog dissipated somewhat and was replaced by pain and anger. Read More

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