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The king allows the group to stay one night on the island in exchange for returning to Christmastown to ask Santa to find homes for the unwanted toys.However, Rudolph leaves the island in the middle of the night on his own, fearing that his nose, which attracts the snow monster, will endanger his friends.

The team then flies off to the island and pick up the toys.

The special ends with Santa wishing the viewers a merry Christmas as he and Rudolph fly off into the night.

During flight practice, Rudolph meets a doe named Clarice who tells him he is cute, and kisses him, which causes an elated Rudolph to fly higher and faster than everyone else.

However, while celebrating with the other bucks, Rudolph's nose cover pops off, and the others react with fear, then scorn and finally rejection as Rudolph is kicked out of the Reindeer Games.

The TV special, with the teleplay by Romeo Muller, introduced several new characters inspired by the song's lyrics.

Muller told an interviewer shortly before his death that he would have preferred to base the teleplay on May's original book, but could not find a copy.Yukon then returns with a reformed snow monster (Yukon notes that they bounce) and demonstrates the beast's ability to trim a Christmas tree.While everybody's celebrating, Santa interrupts, grimly informing everyone that because of the storm, he is forced to cancel the Christmas trip.Santa is soon distracted by Rudolph's red nose and realizes that its light could cut through the storm.He asks Rudolph to lead the sleigh and Rudolph agrees.Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a 1964 Christmas stop-motion animated television special produced by Videocraft International, Ltd.

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