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(19/(1 100%)) = (19/2) = 9.5 And there you have it folks. With a delay of 18 and an effect of 40% Haste your delay would be (18/(1 .4)) = 12.857.... At 0% haste New Delay = Old Delay, which means Old Delay/1.which verant probably rounds up so these claws become 14/13 weapons before any spell or song haste. There are so many incorrect formulae around people are getting confused. The only comment I have is that the formula should have read as follows, in order to calculate correctly: Weapon Delay/[1 (haste/100] = New Delay I say this only to clear up the conversion from the % to a decimal that some people have not picked up on yet. If a weapon is 100% hasted, that means it will swing twice as fast.This isn’t something that they directly discuss with his wife, but they have instilled in him over the years – and probably growing up – that it’s his responsibility first and foremost to make sure his parents are financially taken care of.

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Perfection = Repitition & Situational Adaptation With the Coming of the Planes of Power this might be delayed to when you advance past lvl 60 but when you reach your cap you probobly will still continue looking for the most powerful and/or good looking loot, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) fully hasted this ***** is only 14/14, not that great. D-(D(2/H)) D=Delay H=Haste With max haste (105% @ level 60) would bring the weapon to 14/8.55, but theres a theory that minimum delay can only be 10, so well either way you have a vary fast and painful weapon. lammy 9/19 19 x .4 = 7.6 19 - 7.6 = 11.4 so this delay will work is not below 10..however i am not sure about the 10delay rule.

I would rather pull out something a little lower dammage so I can hit faster. With the attached 40% haste to the claw, that opens up for a modest 65% from an enchanters speed stick that perfectly matches the weapons maximum limitations while opening up that much useable back or waist slot for something more useful. Sorry Prothos, but your formula doesn't calculate either. (x 100%x = 2x) So if you were to recieve 100% haste, you would move twice as fast.

Many people are in awe of the few that pop up to the best people on the server, then more and more show up, we are happy. I'm just wondering if there is something I don't know.brain...

However, his parents have a built-in expectation that they should be given some kind of financial support from their son.

raid attendance, seniority, current weapons and armor, class, etc. Sleepers Tomb is MUCH harder to get into than To V, and the mobs are MUCH harder. I agree that having the best offhander in the game coming from Eashen (who is pretty much a pushover) while Ao W drops a 15/23 1 hander is pretty **** stupid and obtuse on VI's part, but the only thing that makes ST difficult is the fact that it's keyed. Funny thing about this weapon is lvl 50-51 twinks were allowed to loot it because it was fairly crappy before the big To V loot patch.

this gear will never be obtained by a pickup raid, these mobs require a very tight raid force to kill. as for the lightning claw, its a very nice offhand weapon for any class listed. Here, you go into To V, and get a weapon that has both better damage (14 vs. If ST were not a keyed dungeon it would be permacamped by every 58 chump and his bradda. Now there's high ranking mains jealous of people's twinks lol.

With items like these, it gives 60th level players a reason to continue playing.

There are no more charecter advancements beyond 60 than loot.

I know this couple well, so I won’t make the details identifiable – and will relay the situation is a slightly different way. Anyway, the guy’s parents are seemingly nice people on the surface, as are the woman’s parents.

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