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As new updates and beta versions of ham SSTV and Easy Pal programs are released you will find links and information about them HERE.Associated programs like graphic editing and FTP of your received digital and analogue SSTV images will also be found HERE.Check it out now HEREAnyone can receive SSTV, you don't need a ham licence.

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Useful Links: Eastern Bluebird: A lot of birds in our area: Links about Bluebirds sent in by oulaigledare (Suzie Cooper).

It makes our stream a whole lot clearer and smoother.

Hatched (4-17-16) PM EDT All 5 babies fledged (May 6, 2016) CLUTCH #2 2015 SEASON! The Hawkeye Camera is plugged into a DVR which is plugged in to USB.

Hatched (4-17-16) PM EDT Egg #5 Laid AM EDT (4-3-16). The Logitech Camera connects to the computer by USB. The computer streams our cams through Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). The computer is plugged into a Belkin Extender,which is a repeater for a Linksys Router.Java Script Disabled Your Java Script appears to be disabled.Java Script is necessary for various functions, such as order checkout, to operate on this web site. These image types could be GIF, JPG, BMP or similar depending on the computer software used for the SSTV transmissions. Each colour has it's own frequency in SSTV mode and the software simply codes the colour into an audible frequency tone that can be interfaced into the microphone system of the radio.

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