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Surfaces are mostly rich gold with aquamarine and some blues.

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In hand viewing reveals mottled blues and gold as the primary colors that are accurately captured by my images.

Strike is complete with rounded stars, full head details and all wreath leaves being deeply impressed on the reverse. Angling this half dime under a light source and inspecting with 10x loupe revealed a few wispy hairlines mentioned for 100% accuracy. Rare Date and Grade, Choice Original, Uniform Gun Metal Gray/Blue Patina, Conservative Grading, Saw Mill Run Collection.

Small Date date punch with double ovals forming the 8 digit in the date.

This example offers choice surfaces and natural mottled gold patina towards the rims.

There are Choice Original, Rich Obverse Toning, Perfect No Stars Type Offering.

Talk about eye appeal on this attractive No Stars Liberty Seated half dime.Eye appeal is that of a higher grade but technically, this half dime is accurately graded due to two parallel micro lines on the obverse to the left of the date. Choice Original, Vibrant Frosty Luster, Mottled Aquamarine Gold Patina, Well Struck, Accurately Graded.These lines can be seen in the worst GFRC images (lines are parallel to the light source and enhanced) but not distracting when viewing in hand or with a loupe. Yet another case of where GFRC images fail to capture cartwheel luster on a lovely Liberty Seated coin.Overall strike is deeply impressed and crisp from late die state dies. Can't you sense how much I like this lovely little half dime?Freshly graded and housed in new 2015 style PCGS holder.Also scarce with PCGS population report indicating only 17 graded at combined EF40-45 level.

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