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The Trump administration has awarded its first federal contract for 110 million to the Geo Group, a major private prison company, for a new immigrant detention center to be built in Texas.

GEO contributed 0,000 to support Trumps inauguration and a GEO Group subsidiary gave 5,000 to a super PAC that supported Trump for president.

If you feel like donating your money, give it to groups that lobby for less people in prison, such as drug law reform organizations.

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Don't be fooled by current prison reform visionaries whose real expertise is marketing and getting your money.

The fact is that people in prison have a lot of opportunities to learn.

These individuals touted their special formula for raising people from poverty, citing anecdotal examples of their success.

They actually accomplished very little except enriching themselves.

We have approximately 2.3 million inmates and about 6 million individuals on parole or probation.

There are numerous reasons for our mass incarceration crisis. There are numerous reasons for our mass incarceration crisis.Despite thousands more offenders being on parole, revocations have plummeted.More violent offenders are being held in prison, while more lower-level offenders are getting the treatment or rehab that they need to return to society as productive members.Texas' prison population has since fallen, allowing three adult facilities to be shuttered, with talks of morea previously unheard of prospect for a "tough on crime" state like Texas.As stated before, the state's parole and probation outcomes have improved markedly since 2007, as well.Today we have prison reform pimps doing the same thing.

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