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Server Render property for the form automatically (in list definition), please refer to my other blog post SPUtility.

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No redirect options available for Item Added, Item Updated and Item Deleted.

Some redirect options available for Item Adding, Item Updating and Item Deleting.

If it doesn’t, the updating event should not happen again.

In my case I was changing the value of a custom property named CMIs Secret, so if that property was the same in before Properties as in after Properties (the values before and after the save) I should go on with the update, otherwise not.

Within an event receiver, you have two hash tables available to you within SPItem Event Properties, Before Properties, and After Properties.

When working with the Item Updating event receiver, the After Properties do indeed hold the updated values of that list item.However, the Before Properties hash table does not hold the current item values, which can lead you to some head scratching trying to figure out how to access these for comparison purposes.Here’s an issue that nearly brought me to my knees… I was stressing out all weekend wondering why an Item Updating event wasn’t running in Datasheet view, even though it ran fine and dandy when used with the They are only available when the form, which initiates an event, is being rendered in CSRRender Mode. Otherwise list forms are committed through asynchronous Xml Http Requests, and redirect options are not available. Cancel With Redirect Url' is obsolete: '"Default list forms are committed through asynchronous Xml Http Requests, so redirect urls specified in this way aren't followed by default.The following code does function: Compiler is issuing the following warning: 'Microsoft. In order to force a list form to follow a cancelation redirect url, set the list form web part's CSRRender Mode property to CSRRender Mode. If you need to figure out how to set CSRRender Mode. Current, which does not exist at that point of execution. [Subset Callable Exclude Member(Subset Callable Exclude Member Type.It used to be a standard practice to use redirect in event receivers in Share Point 2010 and Share Point 2007.

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